All electric ALL fun

7 Inches of Simplicity

The 7-inch display combines everything you need to know into one unclutteredfocal point Gone are the days of multiple dials and tiny dials to make way fornew straightforward simplicit.

3.8kw On board charger

From 0 to 100% state of charge in less than 4 hours using a home powersocket. The TS Bravo comes with quick charging enabled out of the box withoutthe need to install a home wall box charger. lt is also compatible with type 2charging stations for when you need to top up on the go.

Liquid Cooling

By utilising a tried and tested liquid cooling system, the TS Bravo can deliverconstant, stable power without the risk of overheating like our air-cooled rivals.The system is also implemented in the controller which reduces the applied heatstress while also prolonging the lifespan.

ABS Brake System

Long lasting discs, and pistons in front and rear tires together are designed to ensure maximum safety of the rider and the entire motorcycle.

Go Fast Go clean Go ALRANDO